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While vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, my wife and I became involved in a Timeshare purchase that ended up being a complete scam with regards to promises made, both verbally, and in writing. I am happy to report that we have come to an acceptable ending with the timeshare company.

All that is left is to do the same with the "Add on" scam purported by the now named Premier Property Managements, (Previously called "Premier Property Management" in our contract). We were charged $599 for a service that we have in writing included "Marketing" our extra weeks worth of timeshare inventory for $6000, to be paid in February of years 2014-2018.

Not only did PPM not fulfill their contractual obligations, the over 4 dozen documented phone calls to them in a 4 month period ended up being a complete waste of time. The representatives on the phone kept making up reasons why they were late on making good with this documented contract obligation, always promising that it would be soon.

They were additionally going to consolidate other properties of ours, and even went as far as to put down a fraudulent name of the "Supposed" buyer, who of course evaporated once it was time to close escrow. Many times we were told that a PPM representative would contact us with an update on both our escrow and rental disbursements, yet AT NO TIME DID A PPM REP EVER CONTACT US. What kind of legitimate operation does not ever call its clients? The answer is simple-NO legit operation.

A simple online search also turns up many other angry people defrauded exactly the same by this "Operation". Mexico timeshare Scams are well documented in the last few years especially, as consumers become more savvy to the details of how these operations exist and do business, and this company, PPM, is no different. For $599, we got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, except a waste of money and time trying to chase them down to find out why they could not make good on A SINGLE THING PROMISED IN WRITING, as well as explained originally during our timeshare presentation. Not only have we reported this outfit to the Mexico timeshare authorities, but we are reporting them to state and National authorities, as well as top news agencies and other relevant recipients.

The main points of contact at PPM appear to be a Mr. Gilbert Castro and a Mr. David Fox, operating out of Puerto Vallarta, where many other boiler room type operations currently exist. On 7-7-2015, we sent PPM an official email response asking for our $599 back, based on lack of fulfilling their contract obligations.

This email was in response to a phone call I had made a day earlier where the representative on the phone made a bunch of excuses why they never were able to fulfill their agreement, and could not put me through to a manager because no one else was there. "No one else was there??" What kind of legitimate operation has no one else there, especially a manger? The answer is of course the same-NO LEGITIMATE OPERATION!! After the same run around, I indicated that I wanted to cancel our "Membership".

I was almost immediately emailed a "Settlement and Release" form, and was dumbfounded by some of the verbiage in it, specifically the part that said " No party admits blame or liability" and goes on to say, in bold type no less " all parties agree to keep the PPM and the existence of this Settlement and Release strictly confidential"??!! WHAT ARE THEY HIDING, THAT REQUIRES THIS IN WRITING? But it gets better...... the next paragraph, also in bold, reads "Member agrees to retract all past negative activity, and not to participate in any future negative activity which is intended to, or which has the effect of, damaging the reputation or business of PPM, or any affiliate, or interfering with their relationships with their customers or potential customers.

This includes, without limitation, posting comments or other information on websites and distribution of written materials in any manner. Member agrees to advise all parties to whom Member may have made complaint that the complaint has been "satisfactorily resolved"??!! NOW WHAT DOES THIS SAY ABOUT THIS COMPANY? EXACTLY WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE, THEY ARE A TOTAL SCAM!

Fortunately for us, we have signed no such paperwork, and thus are free to help educate the entire world here about PPM and what they are really about.

Even the phone representative seemed completely indifferent about our issues, and all but encouraged us to take steps to expose PPM in an effort to get our $599 back, and so here we are. I will be contacting an extensive amount of recipients regarding this issue, as previously indicated, from lawmakers to law enforcement, news agencies and online blog, website, social media outlets and even campaigns, and I will be updating this post with the most current information.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of complete and utter scam-do not get involved with them. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "we were scammed" of ppm premier property managements vacation ownership and associated monetary loss in the amount of $599. Ppm Premier Property Managements needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

Other people also mentioned ppm premier property managements vacation ownership in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Ppm Premier Property Managements.

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Houston, Texas, United States #1197465

My husband and i just came back from pueblo bonito cabos and we bought a share and im so nervous about it maybe you can emailme to educate me on this please

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #1038799

We got scammed by the Mayan, is that who this PPM was through? Mexico can kiss our tourism dollars goodbye, good job, dummies!!

San Francisco, California, United States #1037727

Hey Mexico tourism board, take note-enough people are being educated about the nonsense and outright criminal activities going on all over your country with operations just like PPM, Los Cabos Golf Resort, The Mayan and their BS "Bliss" packages, etc, etc.... keep this *** up and places like Cancun will be ghost town where you won't even be able to give chicklets away.

Last time I checked, that place had NO gross domestic product, and relies SOLELY on tourism. This kind of *** that you allow to go on in your country will be your downfall..!


I was successful in getting all my money back from a timeshare scam, I used one of the many companies that help consumers out in this instance, and they were excellent. Maybe try to use them if you need? Good luck!!

Seattle, Washington, United States #1030971

All timeshares are a scam, always have been and always will be, when will people learn...??!!

Miami Beach, Florida, United States #1027478

Unbelievable that "Timeshares" even still go on, I've heard some real doosies from people in the past to. As a travel agent I tell everyone I talk to about watching out for these kind of sheisters, always glad to add one more scam outfit like PPM to my list of scammers to warn against and stay updated on. Thanks for the post!


Get those dirt balls and update us when you do. I've heard of more and more news agencies interested and doing expose's on these fraudulent operations, that should definitely be in your arsenal. Good luck!!

Bellflower, California, United States #1026952

All Mexican timeshares are a scam. You can buy time at any of them through Groupon or ebay etc...all their promises are never followed through, and they just keep trying to confuse people with terms like fractional ownership, etc....

get the word out to everyone. These side companies like PPM are the worst of the ***, with no real physical presence, just an online boiler room type scammers.


Screw that company, a friend got scammed by them through the Luxxury Leisure golf resort scam in Cabo, *** of the earth!!


Total scammers, be glad it was only $600!!

New York, New York, United States #1018168

I operate a social media site that advocates for consumers that have been taken advantage of abroad, with more than 85 thousand members following us currently, and would like to include your story and get further details here so that we can post the most factual information for all of our members to see. Sorry to hear about your experience, but we appreciate you taking the time to help others not fall into the same situation!

to C.A.S.2015 Imperial, California, United States #1146132

I've visited your sites a few times noticing you help people who have been scammed. I was wondering if you could help me and others that have been scammed.

AMEX by taking a blind eye and holding card holders to illegal contracts even when cancellation notices have been provided is aiding and abetting criminals by allowing known illegal charges to go through.

I started two petitions with two of my AMEX cards (Costco and Hilton). Would you pass these along to your readers so we can get the message to AMEX?

Our goal is to reach well over 100 signatures each and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petitions here:

Ironically I was actually told to hit the social media by one of the Amex supervisors as he was fully aware of the situation and was frustrated that he couldn't help.

I even had the transaction taped showing the fraud but AMEX still is allowing the illegal transactions to go through.

I have a very detailed summary, if you are interested I can forward the information. Thank you for your help.

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